Русский язык в умелых руках и в опытных устах— красив, певуч, выразителен, гибок, послушен, ловок и вместителен.

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Russian language courses

Директор центра языков и развития навыков
Марина Сергеевна Потеряева
Директор центра языков и развития навыков "Brain Power"

"Dear customers, we are glad to see you on our website. We are happy to inform you about the features of our Russian language courses:

-The first lesson of any course of the Russian language is free of charge. It will help you to understand the method of teaching.

Before you start any Russian language course, we will test your level of Russian language, the level of understanding of Russian speech, the level of speaking skills. That will help us to create idividual program for you according to your inerests and goals. (Believe me, not everyone likes to learn from the book all types of Russian cases :)).

-If you couldn't find a suitable course for you in the list below, or if the schedule is not suitable for you, please call us at +7 (708) 425 33 25 or +7 (701) 025 33 25 and we will answer all your questions and choose for you the most practical Russian Language Course, according to your individual requirements."

Group Courses

Course "Russian for begginners"

The duration of one lesson: 1,5 hrs

Number of lessons per week:2 lessons

The duration of course: 5 months (60 hrs)

Number of students :up to 4

Стоимость: Payment per each month: 30 000 tg/month (100 $)

The price for all course: 140 000 тг. (450$)


Individual sessions

Russian individually

- Permanent schedule between 9 am and 5 pm- 3800 tg per hour (12$)

- Permanent schedule without time frame - 4800 tg per hour (15$)

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